In April 2018 Doniger acquired the office building at 101 Bijlmerdreef in Southeast Amsterdam. Camelot Real Estate will participate in 1/3rd of the investment. Several residential projects have been planned for this part of the Southeast, to transform the area into a high quality housing, shopping and working area for mixed-use – including van Donigers project on the Flierbosdreef, the Bijlmerdreef and the neighbouring ‘Zandkasteel’. 101 Bijlmerdreef is located next to the shopping centre De Amsterdamse Poort.

The building will be used as offices with multiple tenants for several years, with renovating starting in December 2020 and subsequently the building of an adjacent residential building will start, which is expected to be finished in 2022-2023. About 220 apartments will be realised here above a lively plinth level. The differenciated housing program provides a balanced mix of  expensive and less expensive housing (social housing) and fits perfectly in Amsterdam’s new housing programme. (40-40-20%).

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