This former office building, built in 2001, was originally used by Amsterdam’s Tax Authority. In March 2017 Doniger acquired the building that is situated on the corner of the Bijlmerdreef and the Flierbosdreef in Southeast Amsterdam and is opposite the new ING Bank’s International head-office. Camelot Real Estate is co-developer and will also participate in 1/3rd of the investment. 

Doniger and Camelot have succeeded in realising a functional change and have reached an agreement with the town council to transform the building into a residential one. Two storeys will be added.

Although the project has been marked as a ‘transforming-project’, the building will be stripped completely and basically built up again. The facades will also undergo major renovations and changes, including  the construction of loggias. Because of this, the quality level of the residential building will be the same as a new building. The Energy Performance standard will be under 0.4, and the apartments will receive Energylabel A.

The development will realise 397 apartments, varying in size from 32 – 48 m² and is completely in accordance with Amsterdam’s housing and sustainability policy. About 70% of the appartments will have a regulated rent. The building will start in February 2020, completion expected in September 2021. The plinth level will provide a space of 2700 meters of lettable floor area for among others, a catering sector, fitness and other facilities. Part of the plinth level will be leased out to the Amsterdam Public Library.

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