Herengracht 410-412

Doniger has created 28 homes for residential healthcare at 410-412 Herengracht in Amsterdam. The building is situated in the so-called ‘Golden Bend’, generally seen as one of the best locations in the city.

This UNESCO-monument was built in 1664 by the famous architect Philip Vingboons and had been used as offices for the last 100 years, among others by the NV Algemene Hypotheekbank. The coach house in the large back garden is believed to be the oldest coach house in Amsterdam.

Doniger has succeeded in realising this pilot project after years of collaboration with the municipality of Amsterdam and the architectural firm van Stigt. After being used as offices for decades, these unique buildings now function as very high-end care residences, which meets an enormous need in the city of Amsterdam. In July 2020, Doniger sold the property to a family office of a high-net-worth individual in The Netherlands.

The Bloemenheuvel Estate

The Bloemenheuvel Estate, which was built around 1845, is situated in the green surroundings of Utrecht’s Heuvelrug, but also just hundreds of metres away from the A12 motorway.

The estate is a municipal monument spanning more than 5 hectares and had been used as an office during the last decade. In part owing to the acquisition of 8,000 metres of adjacent land in 2018 from the municipality of Driebergen, the Bloemenheuvel Estate was awarded the Dutch National Landscape Act-status.

The existing buildings were extensively renovated and have now all been rented out as offices or business centres. Additionally, Doniger will in due course expand the present function to realise a complex of 50 new healthcare apartments on the Estate.

The Framebuilding

Doniger reached an agreement in August 2017 to acquire the office building at 28 Hoogoorddreef in Amsterdam South East. Several residential projects have been planned for this part of Amsterdam, to convert the area into a high-quality mixed use living, shopping, and working area, which includes Donigers’ projects on the Flierbosdreef, the Bijlmerdreef, and the neighbouring ‘Zandkasteel’.

The Framebuilding is located right next to the ‘Amsterdamse Poort’ shopping centre. Doniger has reached an agreement with the city council of Amsterdam to demolish the building and build a new residential tower with a height of 55 metres.

The residential program will include 215 apartments with a mix of regulated rent, medium-priced rent, and high-end private sector apartments. Half of the apartments will be in the private sector. Construction began in February 2021; completion is scheduled for March 2023.

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This former office building, built in 2001, was originally used as the Amsterdam Tax Office.

In March 2017, Doniger acquired the building situated at the crossroad of the Bijlmerdreef and the Flierbosdreef in Amsterdam South East, opposite the new ING Bank’s International headquarters.

Doniger has obtained a new destination plan from the municipality of Amsterdam in order to transform the office building into a residential complex.  Two floors will be added on top of the building, as well.

The development will include 397 apartments, varying in size from 32 – 48 m² of usable floor area, completely in accordance with Amsterdam’s housing and sustainability policy. About 70% of the apartments will have a regulated rent. Construction began in January 2021. Completion is expected in November 2022. The plinth level will provide 2,700 metres of lettable floor area for, among others, a catering sector, fitness centre, and other facilities.

Part of the plinth level is already rented out to the Amsterdam Public Library (‘OBA’) and Hostelle.



In April 2018, Doniger acquired the office building at 101 Bijlmerdreef in Amsterdam South East. B-Right Developments participates in one-third of the investment.

Several residential projects have been planned for this part of Amsterdam South East, to transform the area into a high-quality housing, shopping, and working area for mixed-use, which includes Donigers’ projects on the Flierbosdreef, the Hoogoorddreef, and the neighbouring ‘Zandkasteel’.

Bijlmerdreef 101 is located next to the Amsterdamse Poort shopping centre. The building will be used as offices with multiple tenants for several years, with renovation starting in December 2022.

Adjacent to the existing office building, a new-build residential complex will be developed. Additionally, two floors will be added to the existing office building.

Completion is foreseen for 2024. About 250 new-build apartments will be created above an attractive plinth level. The differentiated housing program provides a balanced mix of high-end and affordable (regulated sector) residences and fits perfectly in Amsterdam’s new living program (40-40-20%).

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