Sustainability, quality and innovation

Sustainability and innovation are no ambition but an obvious reality and play a leading role in all our activities.

Our objective is to reach an Energy Performance Standard to surpass the building code or municipal regulations. Furthermore we expect a 90% reuse of building materials by our construction partners and we only apply FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) types of wood.

By reactivating run-down buildings we can contribute to the sustainability plans set by the city. When converting, Doniger Urban Developments has a long term vision. That way we can ensure that abandoned, monumental buildings get a new lease of life, while sustaining historical values and style characteristics.

We are always exploring possibilities of finding new applications of sustainable and renewable energy. For existing buildings we invest in improving the energy label. For new buildings we always choose what is the best long-term solution. We apply new technologies in the areas of energy, water and greenery.

Next to technical sustainability our key factor is the residents’ wishes: the human sustainability. We build communities where people enjoy living and don’t wish or have to leave. At the plinth level we offer facilities like a lounge, a communal kitchen, living-working areas, launderette etc. This way we can offer added value to the lives of residents in our projects.

For Doniger Urban Developments quality represents value and is our starting point when developing a sustainable residential building. We don’t accept compromise when it comes to quality. We work closely with reputable architects, constructors, urban planners and building physics advisors. Architecture must always match the location, be timeless and must be able to be built with sustainable materials.