Doniger Urban Developments was founded in 2016, initially managing our shareholders’ real estate investments. Our business activities consisted of asset-management, portfolio management and project development.

We have now grown into an entrepreneurial investor and developer and are adding quality to public spaces by realising new housing, renovation and redevelopment. As a private and independant developer with a short decision-making process, we are able to operate swiftly and effectively. In principal our developments are for our own account and at our own risk. We then include the projects, after they have been realised, in our own portfolio as investments. In certain cases our housing developments can be sold to (institutional) investors.

Mid-2023 our portfolio, including projects being developed, will consist of 1,807 apartments with a total surface area of about 85,000 m2 of usable area, and 11,500 m2 lettable floorsurface for offices.

We are continually looking for new investment possibilities, for which we can act not only as (delegated) developer, but also as lead- or co-investor.