Doniger Urban Developments is a young company that would like to present itself as an innovative and creative developer. We are continuously looking for possibilities and opportunities; difficult issues don’t deter us, because we see them as a challenge. We are focused primarily on inner-city housing development and we aim to make a positive contribution with our projects to the community and environment we operate in. Our objective is to provide our future residents with homes beyond their expectations and to produce housing, because of the large shortage of affordable rental properties. Sustainability and innovation are not an ambition but is self-evident, and has a leading role in our activities.

Our objective is to reach an Energy Performance Standard to surpass the building code or municipal regulations. Furthermore we expect a 90% reuse of building materials by our construction partners and we only apply FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) types of wood.

By reactivating run-down buildings we can contribute to the sustainability plans set by the city. When converting, Doniger Urban Developments has a long term vision. That way we can ensure that abandoned, monumental buildings get a new lease of life, while sustaining historical values and style characteristics.